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Snow Dragon

Belt: Snow Dragon    Order code AH001
good for party
long lasting quality Hand made.
Akha High fashion

All Materials are natural Hill tribe products
The Akha People have learnt to live in harmony with Nature
The Shells are real from shell fish farms in South East Asia
No stripping the coast line from Akha Hill tribe products
Eco friendly   No plastic in our products


Fire Dragon

Belt: Fire Dragon Order Code AH021

These belts are a work of art



Belt: Fire Queen   Order Code AH022



Belt: Golden Triangle Order code AH002
Click the Thumb nail to see full photo.
EMS shipping to your door is $15



Belt: Opium Queen  Order code AH003

EMS Courier to your door usually takes 3 days world wide



Bags: Hand made with natural products.
Real Shells, beads etc   Order code AH018


Bags: Hand made with natural products.

          Order code AH019



HAND MADE  Necklace   Order code AH004
Crafted by the Akha lady’s of the Hua-Fai Community in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Real Shells and coins from Burma


Elephant_necklace HAND MADE elephant Necklace AH015 $35
Necklace_3 HAND MADE  Necklace   Order code AH016 $35


Iron Maiden Headdress (hat)  Order code AH005
Click on any thumb nail to view large Photo


Child's Hats

Akha Children's Hats   Order code AH017

Click the thumb nail   These are special


camera case

Camera Case           Order code AH006
Embroidery and case all Hand made.
We also have phone cases.




Akha Hill Silver
All Silver is 95%+ pure and guaranteed by Akha Hill
All Silver is Hand made. We have many designs. Click Photo

for 500
or more

Pure Silver 98%

Traditional Akha Headdress and Necklace

This is a work of art

All the Silver is pure Silver (98%+)

Click Photo to go to full size photo.


Full Costume

Complete Iron Goddess set  Order code AH007
Description of package :

  1. Full set, Jacket, shirt, skirt, leggings and two Akha hats.
  2. Bracelet, Necklace and ear rings.
  3. Belt (Iron Goddess)
  4. Shoulder Bag

All Hand made quality products made by the Hua-Fai Akha Community in Chiang Mai..
A full set like this is a very Rear and special gift

THIS SET WILL BE Designed by our Akha artists and HAND MADE TO YOUR specifications and will be unique

When ordering with PayPal please specify your sizes or click the email us link on returning to our success page from PayPal.





Akha Hill Silver set:   Order code AH008

  1. Silver bracelet
  2. Silver Necklace
  3. Silver ear rings

all Silver is 95%+ pure and is assay stamped and guaranteed by Akha Hill



Assorted belts:   Opium Queen type AH009

                            Snow Dragon type AH010
      please specify colour etc in PayPal note




Own a Boutique ? Want to start your own business?

Then the Akha Hill Tribe Products Boutique kit is for you.

We have starter kits from us$200 - us$4000
order code AH030



Own a Boutique ? Want to start your own business?

Starter kit 2 order code AH031

  Boutique starter kit 3  order code AH032 $500.00
  Boutique starter kit 4  order code AH033 $1000.00
  Boutique starter kit 5  order code AH034 $2000.00
  Boutique starter kit 6  order code AH035 $3000.00
  Boutique starter kit 7   order code AH036 $4000.00

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