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Sie our Patron

belt Sei_August6
Bosue and her family

funny lady ha

She just loves having her photo
Night Bazaar

belts Sei_6_8_06

The girls on the way home 11.30pm

It's raining out side so they stop walking.

They all chip in and buy 1 bottle.

On the way home 11.15pm The Akha Man in the blue T shirt sitting with them has only 1 leg, you will see him most nights sitting on the bridge over the canal by the Night Bazaar with his begging  bowl. Even though they have little they shout him a glass.
Sei and Boosie Addor Addor2
Me Rain Storm

Family and friends stop off at the food stall.


It starts raining again,

They worry about there homes so with there packs under the sheet of plastic, its off home.

Oh oh Meti has found my torch. 

Rain The way Home (to Chiang Rai)
The long Way Home
Mechoo Mechoo_village Sei_Don's bike
Nearly Home
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