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This is a free web site for the Akha
lady's of Chiang Mai, sponsored by
Siam Free Hosting
By buying from Akha Hill you are
helping the poverty stricken Akha
people of Northern Thailand.

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The Akha people of the Hua-Fai Community

live along the banks of the canal in the heart of Chiang Mai, not far from the Night Bazaar.

They are a hard working people that spend most of the day in work groups, Hand making all these fine cloths.

Then at around 6pm they walk to the Night Bazaar to sell there wears. If they are lucky they will sell $3 or $4us of product.

Many times I have seen them sell a belt or hat for cost or less just to make a sale to feed their family that night.

A lot of the farangs (tourists) barter them down trying too buy as cheap as possible, You hear some arrogant woman saying
to her boy friend, "what a rip off" for something that only costs 200 Bart ($6us).

Sure it is fun bartering with the richer stall holders and it is a barter market but to push a poor lady down below cost is
going too far. Most of these lady's have dependents too look after. Children, parents and Grandparents.
You see many old lady's looking after a grand child that has lost its parents.

There is no Social Welfare system in Thailand, some do get subsidized Health care if they were born in Thailand with
a ID card or a work permit (that most of the aliens can not afford to buy).

The never ending war
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