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Tour operators say they have no plans to cancel flights to Thailand, and UK holiday companies insist that "it's very much business as usual".


With tourism being such a key component of the Thai economy - attracting over 15 million overseas visitors last year and contributing more than 6% of the national economy - this will be welcome news for the many Thais who rely on the sector for their livelihoods.      Source: BBC News

Akha Hill will take you on the Holiday of a lifetime; we have 1-day tours to the Golden triangle, Elephant safaris in the jungle of the far North and around Chiang Mai. Two day 1 night trekking tours, 3 day 2 night tours into the jungle of the far North, you can see the Akha way of life and actually stay in there village in a special home stay bungalow. Look at our trekking photo album. We have 1-day trips across the border into Burma at Masai. Ideal for a shopping spree, as the prices are RIGHT. Chiang Mai is the centre of Culture in Thailand. We have many day trips were you could see the smithy’s working silver and gold. Ethnic handcrafts, you can see the paper and the umbrellas made and watch the artists paining the umbrellas. Look at our Silver page or go to our wholesale Silver site by clicking any of the silver photos.
Thailand is a very safe place to travel, over 15,000,000 can not be wrong.

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